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General Information

Game Mechanics:

Pre-Renewal (99/70)



Floating Rates:

Floating Rates every 6 hours up to 15x/15x/15x (Weekends are always 15x/15x/15x)


Transcendent and Expanded

Party EXP Share Level Gap:


Party EXP Bonus:

20% EXP Bonus per member

Server Locations:

North America (Direct), Southeast Asia (Proxy), Europe (Proxy)

Main Language:

English (International Server)

Time Zone:

UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)

Multi Client:

Disabled (1 client per PC)


1 Client per PC

Chat from game to Discord and vice versa

No custom equipment

Lots of costume headgears

Custom hairstyles

Headgear quests

Infinite Fly Wing and other freebies

Unlimited arrows & bullets (you only need to have 1)

Pets never get hungry and are always loyal

Hourly Rewards

Repeatable EXP Quests (talk to the Warper NPC)

MVP Tracker (click here)

Warper, Healer, Stats & Skill Reset, and more...



Doppelganger Card: Effect increased by 3x

Moonlight Flower Card: Effect increased by 1.5x

Golden Thief Bug Card: Effect reduced to half in PvP and WoE

Fallen Bishop Hibram Card: Effect reduced to half in PvP and WoE

Memory of Thanatos Card: Disabled in PvP and WoE

Elemental Converters: Duration increased to 15 minutes (purchased from Tool Dealer NPC)

Aspersio Scroll Box: Includes 10x Holy Water (Aspersio Scroll Box is purchased from Tool Dealer NPC)

Yggdrasil Berry: Added 3 seconds re-use delay

Yggdrasil Seed: Added 2 seconds re-use delay


Asura Strike: Damage reduced by 30% in PvP and 20% in WoE

Bowling Bash: Disabled official gutterline system

Devotion: Works on friendly targets regardless if in the same party or not

Assassin Spirit: Disabled in PvP

Abracadabra: Disabled

Vending: Can open shop with different currencies


Mithril Coin: Can be exchanged to 1,000,000 Zeny and vice versa at the Coin Exchanger NPC located at <prontera 146 197>

Gold Coin: Can be exchanged to 100,000 Zeny and vice versa at the Coin Exchanger NPC located at <prontera 146 197>

Silvervine Fruit: Can be exchanged to 1 Cash Point at the Cash Exchanger NPC located at <prontera 146 197> -- Obtainable from the Cash Shop or by trading with other players


ama_dun01 (Amatsu Dungeon Level 1): Allowed teleportation in map


Nidhoggur's Nest: Removed the quest requirement to start the instance


@go - Teleport to towns (usage: @go 0)

@storage - Open storage

@autoloot - Take monster loot automatically

@onlogin - Run commands like autoloot automatically after logging in (usage: @onlogin autoloot)

@lt - Show your location on the minimap before your last teleport (works with Infinite Fly Wing only)

@pvprank - Show PvP Rankings this month

@mvprank - Show MVP Kill Rankings this month

@guildrank - Show Guild Rankings this month

@toprankers - Show Top 5 Rankers last month

@pvpannounce - Turn PvP announcements on / off

@mvpannounce - Turn MVP Kill announcements on / off

@autotrade - Keep your vending shop open after logging out

@whosell - Check if an item is being sold by a player vendor

@hr - Show the list of rewards given for every 1 hour of playtime and their chance

!vsync - Remove FPS limit (frames per second)

!ping - Calculate your ping

@afk - Stay online in AFK mode for a few hours after logging out (so your friends know that you've been online)

@commands - Show the full command list (there are more!)



06:00 AM

Floating Rates: 10.67x/10.67x/10.67x

Refreshes every 6 hours